Sunday, December 21, 2008


50 shows in a year, am I nuts?

I mean, it would be one thing if I still lived in Manhattan, but it's been twenty-six years since I moved to Westchester County. So the time commitment will be considerable.

And what will it cost? Having grown up in New York City I was raised as a driver. Around the city you mostly took mass transit, but in and out of the city? You drove. Couple that impulse with the late hours of some shows, and the MTA becomes less of an option. So gas, tolls and parking will add up. Tickets won't be so bad since most of the artists I like are playing the smaller, less expensive venues.

Well, okay, I probably am nuts. But what a wonderful set of symptoms! To have a built-in excuse to see great artists and new ones at one of the most exciting stages of their career. And who doesn't like blowing out of work early (to avoid traffic).

I'm not sure what form these posts will take or even if any of them will be worth reading. I'll bring some camera to every show. Whenever possible I'll bring my Canon 30D SLR, the fallback will be my Canon PowerShot SD700 IS point and shoot and the last resort is my iPhone. This may end up as more of a photoblog than anything else.

So I guess I'm going to do this. The blog is live; let the 50 shows begin.

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