Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wilco / Neil Young at Madison Square Garden 12/15/08

Wilco 12/15/08Originally uploaded by muzikspy

I was already seriously considering this 50showsat50 idea when I decided to head into the city and see if I could pick up a ticket to see Wilco supporting Neil Young at Madison Square Garden.

I think Wilco is the best working rock band right now and I hate to know I missed one of their area shows. Even though I don't enjoy arena shows anymore, I really wanted to be there. And Neil Young was one of the artists of my youth that I had somehow managed to miss.

So I picked up somebody's extra and ended up in nosebleed seats surrounded by other Wilco fans.

Thanks to muzikspy for this nice photo of Jeff Tweedy that night (taken from where I SHOULD have been standing).

Listen to "Impossible Germany"

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