Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy week...

50showsat50 photos were appreciated all over last week.

On the way to see Neko Case, Amanda Palmer emailed me asking to use a couple from last Saturday's show.

Within the hour, New York Magazine asked to use a few for their music blog. Photos four and five are from the Amanda Palmer show.

Within minutes, WNYC, our local public radio station asked to use future shots for their new NYC music section. Look for news here when they finally start it up.

And on Tuesday Morning I got a request from the folks at JayKco, makers of handmade guitar straps. Seems they saw one of their straps in a photo of Neko Case from the Beacon. See it on their site.

Now a little rest until Zero 7 and Guster next weekend. Fingers crossed for a photo pass for Phish at MSG...

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