Saturday, January 10, 2009

The World/Inferno Friendship Society at Webster Hall 1/9/09

The World/Inferno Friendship Society billed this as the New York premier of "Addicted to Bad Ideas" their latest album.

The show lived up to the description of their shows as "Punk Cabaret." The full album was played interspersed with vignettes of the life of Peter Lorre and some his contemporaries. I'd try and describe what this band does, but I think its better left to others. Ben Sisario profiled the band and this show in this 'New York Times' piece on 1/9/09.

A shorter, more raucous set followed "Addicted to Bad Ideas." The crowd surfing and stage diving intensified and the fans had Webster Hall's floor moving for much of the set. Take a look at the rest of my photos to get a sense for the drama of the evening.

My World/Inferno Flickr set

The lineup of this ensemble is fluid. Last night consisted of:

Jack Terricloth Emcee and vocals. I bought his book; loving it...

Sandra Malak on Bass.

Ken Thomson on Baritone saxophone.

Peter Hess on Tenor Sax.

Maura Corrigan on Alto Sax.

Brian Viglione (of The Dresden Dolls) on drums.

Raja Azar on keyboards.

Lucky Strano on guitar.

- World/Inferno Friendship Society's Official Site.

Show #2

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  1. Great shots....glad security didn't drag you away in shackles. And I hope you didn't hurt anyone when you started moshing...